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Techcardi Cat Visualizations make sales life a lot easier for sales directors, sales managers and reps. Techcardi Cat analytics can be pulled from almost any CRM or sales apps. While it's important not to distract sales reps with convoluted visuals, giving them and their sales directors data collaborative perspective throughout the sales process can be extremely valuable and is a core part of the Cat self-service BI value proposition: Cat Desk makes an important add-on for sales directors looking to boost revenue from their current CRM solution or sales applications and comes with automated collective data analysts.


Add-ons: Techcardi

Best environments: 25-10,000+ employees

Start Small. Grow Big.


Running a business is time consuming and managing sales staff can be complicated. The average sales department has more turn over than any other department. With Cat, you can focus on the parts of the business you love without the worry of producing income.


Enterprise edition


New Income can be unpredictable. Results can be unreliable. Not with Cat. Cat can guide your sales talent through methodical steps for actuate deal making predictability. Cat is best known for maintaining closing ratios across large groups of income departments.

How does it work?


Cat monitors sales rep behavior and coaches the process accordingly through an adaptable widget once it's trained. Zoe is a self-learning sales app that can boost income for almost any company.


What about all my other sales software?


Managing sales apps can be challenging but it becomes a lot easier with tools like Cat. Cat is a light weight add-on app which can be easily connected to almost any CRM on the market with little or no effort.


Results based


Cat comes with a $1,000,000 ROI Guarantee if your using it in combination with the Techcardi training App. If Cat hasn't added at least one million in new sales within your first year, we will come on-site to find the issue and retrain your staff on the Cat App if needed - free of charge.



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