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(British Columbia ON) May 1, 2018 Techcardi announced today they will be adding a new feature to their Techcardi app builder in 2018 that will allow customers to build apps using GPS integration. “This exciting new update to the Techcardi Builder will help trucking and carrier companies manage operations with less staff by being more productive” Said Peter James “We’re trying to extend the reach of our Techcardi Builder to any industry that needs to build a custom solution without learning how to write code”.


Trucking companies need technology that is easy to use to help with labor issues. The trucking industry had a shortage of at least 20,000 drivers at the end of 2017. “I’m thrilled to see Techcardi take this initiative for the trucking industry” Tom Preston, Crown “More companies like Techcardi need to innovate and help find solutions that help companies grow while struggling with truck driver shortages”


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