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Techcardi Visualization Analytic Dashboards make big data sexy and productive. How does it work? Data that flows through an organization usually exceeds the capacity of an employee or director's ability to visually see the solution they're looking for. Techcardi dashboards are designed to help your company manage with increased confidence. Directors can't steer a department effectively regardless of the massive volume of data that flows through several different third-party app interactions. Techcardi dashboards analyze all the data for you and sort the solutions across one display with rich graphics so everyone is on the same page within your company and more productive.

Techcardi Analytics

Connect your apps and stream all your department data under one dashboard for rich analytic outputs on steering data that matters.


Techcardi Dashboard Visualizations come with cognitive AI prediction technology which behaves similar to a personal assistant to each user. Each new daily login becomes a more productive experience as the the technology gradually trains itself around you and your company.

Techcardi Data Mining

Techcardi Gini Data Mining apps, also known as Hidden Data solutions uses special algorithms to find targeted data from stubborn database sources, while displaying the post-results through an easy to digest and manage client-side interface.


Techcardi Gini platforms can solve some of the worlds most complex problems in any size organization but because every organization is different, we work closely with you before and long after your deployment. For the Techcardi Hidden Data Platform to be most effective, our deployment teams will need to ask you upfront a few questions including a general idea of what you’re looking for and the type of problems your hoping to solve so your technical teams can get the most from Gini while shortening training curves.





Product Sales: 1-866-602-5526

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