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About Techcardi


Excellence is a standard at Techcardi, a way of life and few companies can aim higher. If we can be trusted to deliver remarkable results to our customers, then we will be regarded as an excellent company.


Techcardi Mission Statement


Techcardi mandate and way of life for our employees and stakeholders is to continue our focus on helping organizations get the most from their data, continually build uncomplicated interfaces that customers find easy to learn with smooth functionality, continuous focus on both proprietary and open-source technology so that we can control our own destiny.


Techcardi Labs Mission Statement


Techcardi Labs is our customer support division for new features and store add-on management. Our mission with this division is to never stop building add-on technology for Techcardi Visualizations and Techcardi Hidden Data that is considered remarkable; to empower organizations to raise the bar on their data environments and business intelligence opportunities while being admired for our products throughout the world by our customers, shareholders and employees.

The Future of our Brand


To continually build on our admired brand. It has become one of our most valuable assets at Techcardi for many reasons: it has helped us solve problems for organizations that we never thought was possible 5 years ago; empowers our people to govern with improved confidence; helps us attract some of the most talented people and separates us from our competition.

Techcardi Product History


Techcardi was widely associated with data mining solutions. Over the years, Techcardi grow into big data visualizations and advanced analytics, known best as the technology of the future.


In 2014, Techcardi introduced what was to become the de facto standard for business software with it's rich dashboard platforms. Engineering hype for the mainframe dashboard received more than 210 per-order requests while the product was still in the design phase, years before it's official release.


In 2017, Techcardi released NeuroCorrect, an advanced neurofeedback medical patient management system with ground breaking technologies and FDA approved hardware.

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Product Sales: 1-866-602-5526

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