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Meet startups changing the customer experience with Techcardi Kara


Techcardi for Startups provides a credit of $5,018 for 12 months redeemable for Kara or Kara Do it For Me Services for one year if your business has less than 5 employee and is considered a start-up.


Win on any channel with a Techcardi Kara Small Business Grant


When you provide your customers with the experience they expect, you win their trust and loyalty in return. Let Techcardi manage the software apps on your behalf while you just accept the hand off on all Kara leads, convert lead into a customer and grow your start-up as fast as you can.


Apply Now

To apply, you just need to meet our three simple requirements: Must be a new Techcardi Kara customer, Series B or below, and have less than 20 employees. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.




Product Sales: 1-866-602-5526

Product Support: 1-866-609-1363






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