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We Generate and Sell Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Contracts


Special attention is required for certain marketing campaigns, and the janitorial industry is no different. At Techcardi, we have established an in-house call center that focuses exclusively on generating janitorial cleaning contracts. Our approach is characterized by flawless and methodical methods, ensuring optimal results.


Pioneering the fusion of data mining and deployed steering analytics, Techcardi introduces North America's first call center with data mining digital assets tailored for the janitorial industry.


Discover more about our tech-enabled data mining services specifically designed for the janitorial sector. Alternatively, request a custom proposal tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.


Our primary objective is to fuel the growth of your janitorial business by understanding your needs and vision. We're a results-based company.










Experience Matters


Techcardi benefits from a strong partnership with Virgin Janitorial, collaborating closely to ensure the accuracy of all leads. With its extensive operations, encompassing franchises and partners throughout Canada and the United States. Virgin Janitorial provides Techcardi with a significant advantage in terms of client outreach and expansion.

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