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ara Ranks #6 in the world for marketing ROI and platform cost.


World Rank: 6

Innovation Premium: 72.0%

Sales Growth: 39.7%


Techcardi's Kara Solution is a patient relationship marketing company. Its Patient Success Solution offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, such as patient automation, clinic leads and e-store virtual products, marketing clinic lead automation, digital commerce, community patient management, analytics, application development, IoT integration, collaborative productivity tools and professional cloud services.

Say goodbye to unpredictable marketing solutions

Option One (Unleash the full version of Kara)

Kara Analytics Dashboard


Techcardi Kara Visualizations is a powerful resource to drive new customers, patients, clients and new income to your business without breaking budgets. Kara measures its performance with deep results-based analytics as it locates and generates new income for your business in real-time and with remarkable transparency and management control.


Kara uses proprietary technology to locate prospects on-line who are in the process of shopping for your services or products. Kara bids on visualizations in real-time using algorithms that match your products and services. Kara intercepts the prospect during the 'buying cycle' and leads them to your company as a qualified lead ready to do business with your brand. Kara tracks all activity and is capable of managing up to 500 campaigns at once.


How does the Techcardi Kara app work?


Kara's signature feature is an advertising, media buying & marketing wizard for the automatic purchase of advertising space based on real-time bidding (RTB) mechanism. During this process, Kara uses proprietary algorithms to read cookies of prospects looking at similar services or products that match your company and automates the placement of custom ads on third party websites they visit using a complex bidding system. Kara automates the process, which means it acts in real-time so you never miss an opportunity to contact the right people. Kara media tailors a specific message to the right person at the right time in the right context. Kara's methodical process can deliver far more precision and personalization of messaging than most other services, resulting in a more efficient campaign.


What about social media adverting?


Kara is designed to manage up to 500 campaigns at once with automated KPI and management features. Kara is an open-source platform with deep back-end integrations into Google search data, social media data and hundreds of marketing apps found on the Techcardi Store for easy campaign deployment.


ROI rollback on previous campaigns

Techcardi cannot guarantee the same results for everyone.

Considerations include industry and size of your organziation.

Behavioral Targeting


Marketing to find customers is a journey with the goal to attract more customers. Behavioral targeting leverages current data about your potential buyers’ online activity- like product searches, content consumed, and competitor research — to find users who have already shown interest in your solutions and target them with your ads.


Kara Targeting


With the help of our proprietary audience data, we find people who match the profile of your ideal customers and display your Ads to them on their favorite sites across the Web. Kara targeting drives brand awareness and fills the top of the funnel so that when these users are ready to buy, they’ll think of you.


Intent Targeting


The buying journey in this era has become an on-line journey for most customers, which means you need to be a part of every stage as your customers surf and search.


On-site training available

Real time ad auction triggers  built in

Analytics API plug and play

Manage up to 500 campaigns

Marketing Analytics, 200+ API Open Plug-ins, 150+ Marketing App connections and Kara's  signature Behavioral Targeting technology built in for open end functionality.


Starter Package:

Contact us for pricing

(Marketing Impressions and seeds not included)


Small Business Financial Grant Options

Contact us for Pricing

(No software license included. Lead rates and industries may vary.


Option Two (Some Restrictions Apply)

Kara Marketing Results without the Software


Kara Do it for Me Services was created for smaller companies. We can do everything for you if all you care about is the results. Kara Partners are available now and work closely within the Techcardi family of marketers and seasoned professionals who develop and manage every aspect of Kara for you. The Kara team can deploy a simple campaign with several mediums such as Kara Media, Youtube, Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Search, Google Index, Linkedin, Yelp and even Bing - all in one, so you don't have to do anything, except close the deals we send you.


Can I apply for a small business grant to cover the costs of Kara


Yes. Apply to Techcardi for the Kara-Do-It-For-Me services if your a small business. Not all the costs are covered but we can do all the heavy lifting for you on the marketing side so you can just focus on closing sales. Kara Partners are also available and will work closely with you and they act as your personal team of  marketers. The Kara program can deploy a simple campaign - all in one, so you don't have to do worry about equipment or software.


The Industries below are eligible for the Kara-Do-It-For Me Services

(This list is subject to change without notice)


The Industries below are eligible for the Kara-Do-It-For Me Services

(This list is subject to change without notice)

Software Not Required

Software Not Required

Appointment creation

Brand Management

Custom website build requests

SEO and web ranking help

Kara Marketing platform services


Appointment creation

Brand Management

Custom website build requests

SEO and web ranking help

Kara Marketing platform services


Software Not Required

Estimate and Proposal Generation

Creating a Brand

Custom website creation

SEO and web ranking help

Kara Marketing platform services


Dental Clinics

1-16 Employees

Trades and Constructions

1-14 Employees

Chiropractor Clinics

1-9 Employees

Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Do it for me Services

Law Firms

Do it for me Services

Private Medical Clinics

1-12 Employees

Hygiene Clinics

1-16 Employees

Small Business

Do it for me Services

Franchisee & Franchisor

Requires Full Version of Kara

Software Not Required

Full Version of Kara Required

Software Not Required

New Patient Generation

Clinic Awareness Creation

Custom website build

SEO and web ranking help

Kara Marketing platform services


Hygienist Appointment Creation

Hygiene Clinic Awareness

Custom website build requests

SEO and web ranking help

Kara Marketing platform services


 Master Franchisor Leads

More Franchisee Income

Franchisee SEO help

Master Franchisor SEO help

Product app and website builds



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