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Techcardi and 50thcentury Labs

Putting Techcardi Customers First

Our passion for customer driven innovation is profoundly reflected throughout our products. When designing and developing Techcardi products, we always weigh-out the benefits of each feature around the ability to improve the lives of our customers and their employees. If we can't find benefits that make the work place a more productive and happy environment while providing solutions that people do better at their jobs then we discard the feature before it even gets to production.

50thcentury Labs Survey Program

50thcentury Labs is a Techcardi customer mandated division to help manage our user experiences from each product. Our labs generally collect feature requests at large and later conduct R&D based around those requests. In many cases, our lab division can build requested features at no cost to our customers if the lab teams can find enough demand for it's general function.


50thcentury Labs survey research programs and beta programs help bring transparency on the areas we may need to improve on or general interactions with our products they want special  features engineered at the relevant points in the design to harness the full potential of their data.

50thcentury Labs case studies and surveys focus exclusively in the following 7 areas:


Hidden Data

 Dark Data

BI Analytics

Customer Interactions

Feature Requests

Enhanced Enterprise Add-ons

Product enhancements.

50thcentury Labs Beta Program

Help make the next releases of BWT Hidden Data and BWT Visualizations our best yet. As a customer of Techcardi, you can take part in shaping your Techcardi software without the need of the Techcardi Add-on Builder or custom programming.

How do I participate?

As a customer of the Techcardi, you've already been enrolled into the labs program. You can start providing feedback directly to Techcardi today using the Feedback Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Build a Feature or Add-on App

Looking to build the next best add-on app and test it on the Labs Program?

How to start a career with Techcardi


Our lab engineers help solve problems for organizations of all sizes. You don't have to have any particular degree in computer sciences. The strength of our company is the divinity within each group. You just have to speak up when things aren't right, challenge ideas within your group, and build things that can solve problems. At Techcardi, we're all engineers and as an undergraduate you'll have opportunities to participate on special projects while still working towards your graduate degree. You could find yourself doing research during a co-op term on projects that save lives.



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