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Some of the biggest drains on marketing productivity and engagement come from a lack of available knowledge. Whether it’s an e-commerce, SEO, or custom lead generation funnels, , searching multiple places for knowledge wastes valuable time and effort. Techcardi Self-Service (TSS) is a knowledge management network that provides accessible and consistent knowledge for all partners to deliver the right method at the right time across all marketing channels, including marketing AD content proof of concepts and SEO engineering success.


Learn and get ready


Take advantage of learning from a network of like mined and successful marketing agencies.


Promote and sell


Discover sales resources, campaigns, and discussion guides to help you grow quicker next quarter.


Jump-start your marketing business


The Techcardi Partner Program enables partners to build and grow successful businesses while delivering customer success. Independent vendors can build and go-to-market with Techcardi customers the leading the way. In addition, consulting partners can grow a profitable business by building expertise, leading differentiated practices, and leveraging innovative tools. In order to access the Partner Community and participate in the program, partners must agree to and accept the policies that are subject to and made part of the Techcardi Partner Program Agreement (TPPA) which will be provided with after we review your application. Apply on the form provides and reply with next steps if we're a good fit.


Benefits Overview

Our benefits are the key to differentiating your business. We're focused on providing you with the resources to help your clients and ours thrive in the digital era.

Education and Training

Take advantage of the learning resources across Techcardi and our Network  available to our Business Partners,

Join the Largest Online Media Network in Canada with Sysop Operators, Content Developers, and Marketing Agencies


Marketing Agency Partners

For Business Partners that provide their own service on prem, in public or private  clouds and collaborate with each other on ideas and SEO products, Marketing Projects, e-commerce and custom build specific projects tailed to each need.

Sysop Operators

For Partners that  co-manage media assets, placement deployment content, custom lead funnel engineering, and shared growth services including the right to service new search engine optimization network sub contractor agreements

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United States Sales Support

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