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There are many ways to determine what is actually affecting your rankings, and generally, they fit in a few different buckets (ordered from most reliable to least):


#1 Single variable experiments controlling all other variables


#2 Correlations in ranking factors from the top 100+ spots


#3 In-the-field observations from live functional websites


#4 Google’s advice, statements, and warnings


#5 SEO expert opinions and the new hot tactics (this is by far the worst)


Grouped into the above buckets, the vast majority of marketing firms operate solely on #4 and #5. Sometimes they’ll use #3, hoping that their dataset is valid.


Now #3-5 can be helpful when #1-2 are inconclusive. But when used exclusively, it creates an incorrect model that does not yield consistent, repeatable results.


At Techcardi, We Test Everything.


Search Engine Optimization is truly an art form. If executed properly, SEO can be one of the best forms of marketing you can do to promote your website, while being the most cost effective.


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SEO is an art form and every new campaign is an opportunity for us to engineer a new digital canvas that gets the big wins with search engine providers like Google and Bing.


No two projects are similar. Every SEO project has different objectives to overcome and goals to achieve. At Techcardi, every step is methodical and custom to your company.

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