Achieve the big wins with Techcardi

Techcardi is the only company in Canada that combines data mining with proprietary lead generation methods to help businesses grow. Techcardi has built a one of a kind proprietary software suite that positions us light years ahead of our competition in the digital media industry.

Achieve the big wins with Techcardi

Click Me Ad Services

Web Impressions

Search Engine Indexing

Measureable SEO

Custom Lead Funnels

Tailored to your Business




Gorgeous Website Development

Clean Code; High Conversion


Dental Clinic Growth

More Patients = More Production

E-commerce Store

Long Tail SEO Enginnering



Have you talked to us today? Probably.


We are a results-based organization delivering bar-setting lead generation services and we’re here to help your business grow. Our focus on culture is reflected by results-based innovative software and corporate culture.


You won't find a more ambitious company for your marketing needs or fundraising needs.


We specialize in Custom Lead Funnels, E-Commerce, Dental Clinic Growth, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Data Mining, Digital Marketing, and SEO Strategies that deliver Results.


We Keep Our Clients Ahead of the Curve.


Filling the Seats

in a Dental Clinic


You’ve built your success through years of hard work. With that comes the legacy of maintaining growth for your clinic with more patients. We can help.


Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Search Engine Optimization.


Whether project-specific or global, agency-of-record work, Techcardi is uniquely positioned to deliver strategic, growth-minded, and results-driven services.


We are constantly evolving our methods alongside Google, Bing, Yep and Microsoft on-line algorithms using data mining to determine which changes will have the best impact for you.




Make it Rain New Leads for your Business with Techcardi Q5 Lead Generation Funnels.


Techcardi’s marketing team specializes in data mining technology and ad placement channels. With expert conversion tactics and split testing, we set up, manage and measure effective lead funnels for our clients.


Techcardi's lead generation services are extremely effective, powerful and fully customized, branded to your business, and mobile-first. We work with your internal team to find the right marketing approach before launching.





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We do whatever it takes to make sure your needs are met, with a phenomenal, showcase-level deployment.


Use the form right here and one of our experienced reps will reach out to you right away to see if doing business together is a fit.


Techcardi offers corporate group sales & marketing coaching and training for dentists who are looking to take their business to the next level. Our start up training programs are run by a team of speakers, life coaches, and clinic trainer with more than 30+ years of experience.


All of our funnels are fully customized, branded to your business, and mobile-first. We work with your internal team to find the right marketing approach before launching.




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